Hospital Announces Layoffs

Fayette County Memorial Hospital

Fayette County Memorial Hospital

A county hospital is being forced to layoff their employees.

The health care industry has been hit hard with changes over the years with reimbursement cuts and an increase in uncompensated care, according to Fayette County Memorial Hospital.

As a result, they have to layoff employees.

“Health care is going through unprecedented change, and we will have to do more with less,” says Lyndon Christman, FCMH CEO.

As a consequence of these changes, the Hospital has announced a workforce reduction of eight employees. These eight employees will receive a Board approved severance package in addition to being offered outplacement assistance.

These workforce reductions are not in conjunction with the recent proposal to be a non-governmental health care organization, according to the hospital.

The employees were told of the workforce reduction during private meetings with FCMH Senior Management Team members.

The reductions do not include any direct patient care positions, said the hospital.

The work load of these eight employees has been redistributed appropriately amongst the work force, Christman said.

“It’s critical we respond to the declining reimbursement situation so we can provide not only the highest quality care, but also the most efficient care. In order to do this, we are working to restructure our operating costs, which include these reductions today. Although a small number of individuals are affected by this restructuring, we do not take it lightly when it impacts the lives of our employees,” says Christman.

FCMH is one of the county’s largest employers with just under 500 employees.

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